The 3-E-approach

We achieve synchronicity by means of a three-part consulting approach. It’s up to you whether you go the whole distance with us or just individual sections.


No solution without comprehension: discover what you already know about your customers—and what’s still a mystery.


No solution without ideas: we support you in developing and evaluating services, pricing models and sales approaches that synchronise the demands of your customers with the specific requirements of your company. 


No solution without staff: work with us to establish structures in which individual measures give rise to a customer-centric business culture. Now that’s true synchronicity! 

Not yet sure which steps you wish to take with us? 

Use our agile Pathfinder Workshop.

We work with you to ascertain your individual challenges and identify knowledge-based problem-solving approaches.

  • 1 day
  • 2 experienced consultants
  • €2,500 (creditable against the cost of follow-up orders)


GIM consult in a nutshell: Our offer as a compact Pdf!