Do you want to put the customer at the centre of your actions? 
We support you in this as your customer insights consultancy!

GIM consult understands itself as a customer insights consultancy for management, marketing and product development with the aim of successfully synchronising company and customer interests.

GIM consult supports you in structuring the existing knowledge about your customers and, if necessary, specifying it with suitable tools and questions.

In addition, we help you as an independent organisation to efficiently set up customer insights processes and to translate them into sustainable business solutions.  

Because only those who translate data correctly create knowledge from information.  

We accompany you on the way to your customer-centric corporate culture.

Are you looking for someone who suits you? 
Then talk to us!

Flexibly and creatively, we combine various industry, professional and personal competences and so guarantee a differentiated view of your specific client-company relationship.

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You look for the way?
We have the compass!

We are your navigators through customer insights.

Being a customer insights consultancy, we believe that the data on your target groups is not only central to achieving your goals, but can often already be found in many places in the company.  

Together with you, we navigate you through your customer insights:

  • We involve the relevant stakeholders  
  • We identify existing information resources and gaps
  • We contribute new information in a target-oriented way
  • We formulate our recommendations in a specific and actionable way

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