Is your customer the epicentre of what you do?
The same goes for us!

We believe in the pre-eminence of science-based consulting!

GIM consult helps you structure what you know about your customers and, if need be, itemize the facts with the help of suitable tools and questions.

On this basis we support you in gearing your company perfectly to your customers—from how you address them down to a customer-centric culture for your business.

After all, information only becomes knowledge if translated correctly!

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You look for the way?
We have the compass!

True, we’re not omniscient, but we do know where to go for information. More often than not, the starting point would be you at your company. 

We help you gather relevant stakeholders around a table, with the aim of working out the real challenges facing you.

What we mean by ‘navigating knowledge’ is:

  • Identifying existing information resources and gaps
  • Catering to new information needs
  • Formulating targeted recommendations

With us you don’t start from scratch.

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Would you like to "synchronize" your company? 
We support!

Our brand of heuristics (discover—develop—consolidate) allows us to systematically align your internal processes, structures and products with the needs of your customers.

That’s our interpretation of ‘synchronisation’!

Whether we accompany you during a longer-term process or initially offer one-off support with our agile Pathfinder Workshops: we turn mono into stereo!

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You want unconventional thinkers? Then you've come to the right place.

GIM consult team draws on a broad range of academic fields:

From business and communication sciences to social sciences down to musicology.

In working for you, we combine technical expertise from different sectors with personal expertise.

This way we guarantee a differentiated and creative perspective from which to view your specific customer-company relationship.

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